From President's Desk

Dear Students,

It’s my Pleasure to welcome you to the world of DARSHIL EDUCATION FOUNDATION,Where our mission is to provide you with the best of infrastructure and academic platform where you will excel not only in academics but also in various others facets of life which are reqyired to bloom,in today’s competitive corporate world.

We have left no stone unturned to see that you are provided with state of the art laboratories,latest computer lab,best recreation facilities,world class residential facilities and above all top notch faculty to give you cutting edge over other professionals. Our aim is to transform you into altogether a different league where you would not be recognized by DARSHIL EDUCATION FOUNDATION but DARSHIL EDUCATION FOUNDATION would be recognized by you in the corporate world.

Wishing you a very prosperous and flourishing future.

Jagdishprasad M. Khatuwala

From Vice President's Desk

Dear Students,

Welcoming you,as a member of DARSHIL EDUCATION FOUNDATION,gives me a great sense of optimism towards the future of the Genext of India,because the caliber you had shown by the performance in getting through & in the selection of the Academia (Kalyan Polytechnic) has been exemplary,where you opted to be nurtured,groomed and polished from a raw hand to an elevated,dignified Professional.

Looking onto this inclination of yours & our belief that "don’t you inculcate in child the habit of acquiring the knowledge by harsh measures or by push only,but guide him to it by what his mind really relishes,leading us to explore to the fullest,the core of his intellectual choice & strength".

We scale the depth of the Ocean of Education,with best of the handpicked Corals Our Faculty.They are the master intrigues of the sea bed of knowledge.They not only share their subject knowledge but carry along a hand full of experience with them to the lectures theaters,to enrich & enlighten you,the student,about the intricacies of success.

Girdharilal S. Agarwal
Vice President

From Chairman's Desk

Dear Students,
"An Educational System isn’t worth worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach the how to make a life." Technology aims to provide realistic and practical learning experience,so as to produce high caliber graduates who will play leading roles in their chosen careers; in industry,the Professionals and Academia.

We aim to incorporate a well balanced portfolio of techenological advances of the highest quality in the science of teaching.We will aim for a reputation for World Class Education so as to attract the best staff who will,in turn enhance our quality of teaching.With a clear focus on the use of adeaquate technology,with the aim to lead the way both in creation of enterpruners and out of the box thinking capability in our students.

Wishing you a very prosperous and flourishing future.

Kailash K. Gadher

From Secretary's Desk

Dear Students,

To provide quality education in all spheres of higher learning to once and all keeping in view the society needs in context of globalization has been our vision at DARSHIL EDUCATION FOUNDATION."Education is to make a perfect human being – to think,to feel, to do,to be".Therefore,it is our aim at DEF to provide the best quality education with variety of resources and world class facilities to shape the future of students.

With regard to the infrastructure improvements,DEF is equipping all needed facilities as per AICTE norms.We are confident thet our College is able to retain a team of finest faculty and other infrastructural facilities which are needed for the teaching/learning process so that our students can realize our college as one of the best learning center of our country in engineering and technical education.

We promise to nurture the dreams of students to build their intellectual capacity and provide them with necessary skill and tools so that they can realize their goals into reality.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” (Nelson Mandela)
Nilesh G. Agarwal

From Director's Desk

Dear Students,
Knowledge stands on the need of society where Kalyan Polytechnic College is attempting to favour strong support to enlighten students by providing Qualitative Technical Education.An attempt lies on thoughts of modern students and leades to develop as well as inculcate the value of creativity.Thinking as key process to provides lifelong knowledge and can be in use at any moment of life.An endeavor of students has been set to grab as many opportunities as one can.Skilled students enhancement play key role in teaching.Faculties are moderator,facilator as well as guide to specific goal oriented directions.Kalyan Polytechnic College has beguan to set up milestones and attempting to be staircase not only uplifts the students morally but also intellectually.It's a venture for all seeking and curious students to their answers.

Vijaykumar N. Khatuwala

From Director's Desk

Dear Students,
It's my pleasure to welcome you to Kalyan Polytechnic College Jamnagar.We realized that the teen age is the best part of one's life to dream,plan and endeavor to achieve one's desired goal.Our social philosophy is that the students are the parents' assets passed on to us for value addition.Our personal endeavors would be to play the roles of teacher,turor,mentor,friend and counselor to nullify any short comings in the students and to discover and strengthen their abilities to become most sought after technical man power from this region.I am certain that parents and public would extend their helping hands to make students realize that after their Mother as the very first teacher at home,their college is their second institutional Mother who nourishes and moulds their technical bodies.With parental cultivation of their wards to show similar respect and love to their Mother institution,the parents and public can rest assured that all of us at Kalyan Polytechnic College will return the students to Society as knowledgeable,competent and confident Professionals

Navinkumar G. Agarwal

From Director's Desk

Dear Students,
We heartily welcome you to Kalyan Polytechnic College Campus.

"It gives me immense pleasure to write a message about this institute which was a dream a few years ago.Today when I am writing this message,I am happy to see many successful engineers are studing in college.We fulfill our pledge to prepare sound technical personnel who are noble citizens too.The team of this institute is very hardworking ,talented and dedicated to the goal of this institute.The students of this institute are always keen to learn new things with curiosity. "

The institute is organized in such a way that excellence in the field of engineering can be achieved.Modern infrastructure,experienced and well qualified staf,practical approach are the key features of this institute.We believe in Innovation.Our sole aim is to provide quality education with a motive to prepare expert engineers for the development of our nation.To discover the technical advancements,we always strive to provide the best possible platform to the students and research scholars.

Nikhil J. Khatuwala

From Principal's Desk

Kalyan Polytechnic is a permier Institute offering Multi Disciplinery programmes in Diploma Engineering affiliated with GTU,approved by AICTE Delhi,The site pleasant greenery and pollution free atmosphere.Students seeking admission would love the environment and culture at Kalyan College,our vision is to make our students dreamy and visionary towards the utmost career opportunities.The mission and target is to produce diploma graduatesv who are able to get international standard education through healthy academic environment,proper guidance and constructive counseling.Students coming from different financial,religious,regional and national background learn to live in coordination and work together for a better well-eqipped society.

At Kalyan Polytechnic with the help of hard work and dedication of staff and students achieved excellence in education.It provides the Engineering community with an opportunity to welcome the world of Technology to our Institute's student and to celebrate and share in our successes. Kalyan Polytechnic,where learning is not just device of instruction but a passion,goes beyond books,beyond instructions,beyond horizons.

Dr. Kirankumar Bhuptani

From Academic Director's Desk

Dear Students,

Technical Education plays a pivotal role in the development of any country. Education is a continuous learning. Education is the most powerful tool, capable of bringing the positive aptitude in the individual. We are fully committed to build the generation next. The ultimate aim of Kalyan Polytechnic is not only to provide bookish knoledge but an attempt is required to make students perfect human beings.

After all, we are charged with the responsibility of shaping future of India. Success comes only from hard work. So, students have to focus their attention on dreams of future. Toppers are not made in a day.

So, the noble idea of Kalyan Polytechnic is to identify raw talents among students and shape them into champions with imperishable knowledge to face the global challenges.

Dr. Satyen Rajvir.
Academic Director
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